Theories of Everything 001
Digital Nomads 001
  Smooth and/or Striated  (2015)  48" x 20"  Jacquard woven cotton on wood stretcher
  FOUND003 FILE0001 XAE 121RGB 385px 01   160cm x 205cm  Jacquard woven cotton tapestry
  Year: 2013    Materials: Digitally designed and woven cotton textile   Dimensions:160cm wide x 205 cm tall   Fragmented Memory is a triptych of large woven tapestries completed in May 2013 in Tilburg, NL at the Audax Textielmuseum’s Textiellab. The project uses digital practices and processes to blur the lines between photography, data visualization, textile design, and computer science. The result are works of visual art that serve not only to render visible the invisible processes mediating everyday experience, but also to operate as distinctly tactile and lo-fi digital storage media—the process becomes a means to capture, record, and transmit data.
  Ebola DNA Fragment 001   Jacquard woven cotton on wood stretcher  24" x 30"